PTFE Titanium reinforced membrane


Ti-PTFE regenerative membranes are sterile non-absorbent membranes made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer reinforced with medical titanium embedded between two layers of PTFE.
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Ti- PTFE regenerative membranes are a temporary implantable material used in periodontics, implantology and any dental surgery that requires a mechanical barrier, especially for bone reconstruction. Membranes provide a mechanism for the ingrowth of new soft and hard tissues and are used as a space that creates barriers for the treatment of periodontal defects.

Carefully open the outer double blister tray and, under aseptic conditions, remove the inner sterile tray that contains the regenerative membrane from TIFTFE. The sterile barrier membrane can then be removed from the sterile inner tray for use during the surgical procedure.

Clinical judgment should be used in selecting patients who will benefit from tissue regeneration, selecting and implanting an appropriate configuration for the defect, and treating patients in the postoperative period.

If additional stability is required, the membrane can be stabilized with sutures, surgical nails and screws.

When removal is desired, the membrane can be easily removed using forceps. Anesthesia can be provided to increase patient comfort, but usually this is not necessary.

After removal of the membrane, the regenerated tissue will re-epithelize within 14-21 days to complete the initial healing process. However, final bone maturation will not occur within 6-12 months.

Ti-PTFE regenerative membranes, like all other membranes, should not fit into existing active infections.

Warnings / Precautions / Interactions
Ti- PTFE regenerative membranes should only be used by experienced surgical teams. Using the product under inadequate surgical methods and biosafety conditions can harm the patient, which will lead to unsatisfactory results.

In case of infected wounds, acceptable surgical methods should be followed. If complications that cannot be controlled, tissue inflammation or signs of infection occur, immediate removal of the material is recommended.
A second operation to remove the PTFE regenerative membrane is recommended.

Ti-PTFE regenerative membranes are sterilized with ethylene oxide. It is intended to be used only once, and should be discarded if its packaging is damaged or opened. Unused open membranes must be discarded and must not be re-sterilized.

Store below 25 ° C, away from direct sources of heat and moisture. Never use after the expiration date.

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