1. Multifunctional and superproductive system for implantology, surgery and endodontics NEW HIROPRO PLUS is Bien-Air’s latest know-how. In the NEW HIROPRO PLUS, everything is thought out for your convenience.
  2. The world’s most powerful and lightest Chiropro MX-LED micromotor is equipped with an adjustable LED backlight, the intensity of which remains at the same level regardless of the speed.
  3. The contra-angle handpiece with a unique integrated spray gun fits comfortably in your hand.
  4. The NEW HIROPRO PLUS system is programmed to work with 7 main types of implants, for each of which a complete sequence of operation steps has been created. Due to the fact that the system programs are edited, it is possible to perform personal settings.




  • ACCU-CHUCK – Nothing should interfere with the movement of a doctor’s hand. That’s why it is so important that the tool is held in the most reliable way possible. The Bien-Air rotary tool mounting and actuating technology is the most accurate in the world. You can’t leave anything to chance. Unique technologies guarantee Swiss quality that has ensured Bien-Air’s reputation for machining parts with micron precision, grinding for greater reliability and less noise. This creates perfectly designed tools that eliminate imbalance or vibration. You will appreciate their accuracy and unmatched reliability. In addition, your tools will last you much longer.
  • COOL TOUCH – Bien-Air is the only company in the world to offer push-button clips with overheating protection. At the same time, the risk of burning patients with the tool head is reduced. A tungsten carbide ball is mounted between the push button lock and the upper part of the tool clamp. It reduces heat during tool rotation. COOL TOUCH. Unique design for ease of use and patient safety.
  • DUALOOK – is an exclusive offer from Bien-Air. In addition to its undeniable reliability, a double rigid light guide provides complete non-blinding lighting. Thanks to two adjustable light sources you can see the relief accurately. No dark areas in the work area, including in front of the tool. Why does your car have more than one headlight? DUALOOK: the best lighting on the market.
  • EASY-NAV – Simple, convenient and intuitive navigation. You will enjoy working consistently, quickly and with tips. It `s naturally! EASY-NAV. Professional interface.
  • GOLD CONNECT – The electrical contacts of Bien-Air tools are gold plated. The result is excellent electrical conductivity and high oxidation stability.
  • IDEAL GEOMETRY – More convenient access to back teeth. Bien-Air contra-angle handpieces are designed to offer you the best maneuverability, visibility and accessibility to the operating site.
  • QUALITY LED – Unmatched lighting. For the new LED backlight technology, Bien-Air has combined the best features of modern technology that can provide high efficiency and reliability beyond competition. Bien-Air LED backlighting provides incredible usability. The backlight intensity is adjustable from 0 to 38,000 suites. It greatly improves the visibility of the work area, illuminating it with natural white light. The color temperature of the LED lamp, 4500 K, is ideal for lighting without distortion of dentin, pulp or gums. In addition, this backlight simplifies diagnostics.

The sealed lamp housing can withstand up to several hundred autoclave cleaning cycles *.
Only for sterilized instruments and micromotors

  • SMART LOGIC – Thanks to Bien-Air’s SMART LOGIC technology, you will appreciate the perfect micromotor control that was never achieved before. Modern electronics control the torque and speed very precisely. Including at very low speeds. As an additional guarantee of reliability, SMART LOGIC technology controls the rotation of the micromotor without the use of sensors. SMART LOGIC. The best they can offer
  • SOFT PUSH – Bien-Air’s unique push-button clamping method using a collet. A light touch is enough to quickly and conveniently change the tool. This method guarantees both reliable and precise fastening. <

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