Website Terms of Use

When you use the modules and services of our site, information is exchanged between the site and the client. This page is designed to help you better understand the rules of using the site, the security of your personal data, the conditions for purchasing products on the site. By registering on the site and / or using the services of the management company and / or “agreeing to the terms” of the box (or any other wording), you agree to fully and unconditionally adhere to these rules. These rules are mandatory within the framework of the relationship between you and the company and are legally determined by the legislation of Georgia. To learn more about the personal data you provide and the information we provide about it and its rules, check out the return policy and get detailed information about it. Documents governing personal data processing and confidentiality policies, as well as return policies, are an integral part of these rules and transactions between the parties and have the same legal status.

1. Definition of terms
o WebsiteWebsite
The management company is the owner of the site www.implantline.ge, Implant Ltd (LLC, based on the legislation of Georgia, JSC: 402147333).
User – an individual or legal entity that uses the functions of the site, which includes the purchase of products on the site.
Buyer – any natural or legal person who purchases goods through the site.
Seller – Implant Line LLC
Products – any services or items offered for sale through the Site.
Authorized seller – the site offers additional services, such as: installment plan, warranty, delivery service. The management company acts as a seller, it is authorized to act as an authorized seller.

2. General conditions

o The conditions set forth in these Terms of Use govern the conditions of use of the website of the Management Company.
o User access to the site (authorization / registration) and receiving information from the site or using the service implies that the user agrees to abide by the terms of this Regulation for consumers and the terms of reference specified in the description of the corresponding product.
o The site services are intended only for those users who are not prohibited by any applicable laws of jurisdiction or are limited in obtaining services via the Internet. The management company does not intend to violate any applicable laws. Using the Site, users agree that their use of the Service complies with all applicable laws, regulations and rules, including tax ones. The Management Company is not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Service by the User. The user is responsible for checking the relevant legislation of his jurisdiction before registering on the site and before receiving the service.
o The management company has the right to amend the terms of use without the prior consent of users. In case of changes, the management company will update these rules and change the date of the last update. The amended rules take effect after publication on the site. The user is responsible for periodically visiting the site and, in case of change, familiarization with the terms of use. Continued use of the site after making changes means that the user has accepted the changes.
o When using the Site, the User agrees that the Management Company must process the User’s Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.
o The user does not have the right to disclose the name and password of his third party account. In case of any doubt regarding the dissemination of such information, the user must change the password. Responsibility for the account name and password on the computer and any other device and access to the Internet, as well as on the basis of a combination of the user name, any virus or virus program, “hacking” and responsibility for any loss, lies with the user. The user is obliged to immediately notify the management company of any possible violation of the account or security breach.
o Under no circumstances should the user use the Site in any way that violates the intellectual property rights of the management company or any third party. Any reproduction, advertising, distribution or distribution of the Site Content, in whole or in part, by any means (including caching, creation), sale, resale, retransmission or access to third parties is prohibited. If you can download or print any material as part of the service, such material can only be downloaded to one device (and can be printed in writing) and only for personal non-commercial use by the user.
o The terms and conditions of integrated service providers (such as installments, loan approval, etc.) must comply with these conditions until they conflict with these conditions. Using any such integrated service, the user agrees and is responsible for compliance with such conditions. In the event of a discrepancy between the Terms of Service and any other integrated Terms of Service, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail in any legal relationship between the Management Company and the Client.

3. Rules of registration / authorization of the site

o The user will register by following the rules on the registration page on the site.
o In order to simplify registration, the site allows users to authorize the site through a bank account / bank card.
o The user must provide real data during registration. It is forbidden to indicate the data of another person during registration. In the event of such an incident, the management company reserves the right to contact the relevant state authorities.
4. Buy products
o To purchase products, the customer must follow the instructions on the corresponding product page.
o Products can be purchased in installments if there is a link on the product rules / description page. In this case, an installment agreement is concluded between the partner bank and the buyer.
o Appropriate payment for the purchase of goods through the website will be made in accordance with the rules / descriptions of the respective goods.
o The management company is not responsible and does not give any guarantees for the products offered on the Site, unless it acts as a Seller. If the seller himself guarantees the purchase of goods, such an indication should be indicated in the appropriate field on the site.
o Return policy See document defining return policy.
5. Minors
o The services of the website are not intended and are not intended for persons under the age of 18 years, persons who have not reached the age of legal consent to use the services in any jurisdiction (“adult by law”). If you are not an adult by law, you may not download or use the Services or provide us with personal information.
We reserve the right to access and verify any personal information received from you. If we become aware that the information was transmitted by a user under the age of majority, we reserve the right not to take this information into account. If you have reason to believe that the information was passed on to us by minors, let us know.
6. Other conditions
o Any other conditions associated with the purchase of products through the website (including delivery / installation conditions (if any) will be indicated on the product description / full description page and will be binding on both the seller and the buyer in addition to these conditions.

o Terms of use of the site

1. General conditions
2. Rights and obligations of the management company
3. Rights and obligations of consumers
4. Registration rules

Buy item

1. Installment plan and payment terms
2. Warranty Terms
3. Return and replace the goods
4. Delivery