Spongy cortical granular bone substitute



0.5 gr ≈ 1 cc (0.5 – 1 mm)

Peri-implant defects

Intact post-extractive sockets

Sinus lift with lateral access

Filling the ridge after a “split crest”

Bioteck (Italy)



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Are the most used, traditional format. Osteoxenon granular grafts are available as different formats.

As the other Osteoxenon devices

granules maintain the presence of native collagen, main feature of the advanced line.

Granular grafts are available as cancellous granules, cortical granules or a mixture of both.

Spongy granules remodels in 4-6 months, cortical granules in 8-12 months.

Cancellous granules should be grafted

in small, 4-walls cavities. If the volume is greater and bone walls are missing, cortical granules are preferred.

The mixture has both components

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