Tooth Brush Wakka Light


Innovative toothbrush from Japan – Mizuha Wakka Light

  • Guaranteed results without toothpaste
  • Fast removal of plaque even without toothpaste
  • Tapered bristles reach the periodontal pockets or interdental area
  • Designed and manufactured by: SHINYEI KAISHA, Japan
  • Hardness: soft
  • Colors: transparent, black, pink, green, blue
  • Packing: plastic bag
  • Age group: for adults and children over 6 years old
  • Head shape: ovalExpiration date: unlimited


The innovative Mizuha Wakka Light toothbrush cleans teeth WITHOUT toothpaste, using negative ions generated by the brush bristles containing natural black silica.

Natural black silica (Licmo) has unique properties. It is mined from graphite silica and is only produced in Okaido, Japan. Finely ground black silica is incorporated into Wakka bristle hairs and is the source of negative ions that are essential for the maintenance and maintenance of oral health.

The negative ion generated on the bristles of the brush makes the teeth look smooth. The negative ion effect makes the surface of the tooth slippery and provides a sufficient cleansing effect without the use of toothpaste. Natural ceramics are crushed very finely and then absorbed into the tips of the bristles, so there is no need to worry about tooth surfaces and gum damage.
Also, ions normalize the acidity in the mouth and eliminate bad breath. Already on the second day of using the Mizuha Wakka Light toothbrush, your teeth will become shiny. Mizuha Wakka Light does not contain harmful substances. In addition, the Mizuha Wakka Light toothbrush is antibacterial. It doesn’t get moldy and lasts much longer than a regular toothbrush!

The brush is designed and manufactured in Japan.

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