Mizuha Crystal Fresh Tooth Brush For Kids


Especially for children, Mizuha has developed Crystal Marines toothbrushes with fun pens in the shape of ocean dwellers.

Crystal Marines toothbrush bristles are also saturated with natural ceramics, which produce a large number of negative ions that remove plaque without toothpaste. Children who do not like toothpaste themselves will start brushing their teeth. Your child will no longer eat toothpaste!
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Mizuha Crystal Fresh innovative tooth brush no need to use a toothpaste.

Natural ceramics (N CERA) is a type of quartz schist and is produced only in Aichi prefecture in Japan. It has high strength and is excellent in abrasion resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, generating a large amount of negative ions. This ion effect makes the surface of teeth slippery, and it achieves sufficient cleaning effect without using toothpaste. Natural ceramics is pulverized very finely an othen kneaded in the bristle material, so there is no worry of damaging the tooth surface and gums.
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