Vitique-fixing veneers


Vitique is a premium aesthetic composite cement
Designed specifically for fixing veneers.

Effective material for fixing restorations made of composites and silicate ceramics.

• Easy removal of surplus
• High color stability
• Shades – TR; B1
• Additional shades: A1, A4, Bleach Light, Pink and White.
• 1 Syringe – 6 gr.


Benefits for your veneer work

High-quality Vitique materials give you many practical benefits. For example, the highest color stability provides a long-lasting aesthetic restoration effect.

Other key benefits:

Vitique is a premium aesthetic composite cement designed specifically for fixing veneers.

It is an extremely effective material for fixing restorations made of composites and silicate ceramics.

And this is not all the possibilities of Vitique.

Support for Dentists

In addition to Vitique itself, DMG offers a full range of services.

The Vitique concept is built on three principles that will help you in your work: material system, training assistance, additional service.

The ideal partner for Vitique is the Vitique Silan Accessory Kit, which contains etching gel, silane and adhesive. All components are of the highest quality and carefully selected to each other.

Flexible color matching system

Vitique offers a full range of shades, allowing you to offer the perfect solution for every patient.

The Veneer Cementation Kit fixation kit includes a standard set of three shades: A2.5, B1, and Transparent.

Additional sets allow you to expand it with five additional shades: A1, A4, Bleach Light, Pink and White.

Perfect fit

TECO total etching adhesive system
The adhesive system included with the Vitique Vitique Silan Accessory Kit is DMC’s proprietary TECO product.

This one-component system offers outstanding traction.

A proven enamel etching technique ensures reliable cementing of veneers.

Practical Veneer-Tip

In order to facilitate the cement fixation of veneers, a special Veneer-Tip nozzle has been developed. It allows you to quickly and conveniently apply a uniform flat portion of the material.

Easy removal of excess material

DMG’s proprietary monomer formulation provides perfect fluidity and no residue on ceramic restorations. Thanks to a perfectly matched gel phase, excess material is removed simply, cleanly and quickly.

How to achieve perfection.

Vitique is not the only product dedicated to the practical training videos offered by DMG. In addition to product application features, general scientific information and its importance for practical application are also discussed. Great practical benefits come from detailed illustrated application reports.

Take a look at the impressive results you can achieve with Vitique

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