LuxaCore Z Post System – Premium composite for core build-up and root post cementation


  • Cuts like dentine;
  • Extremely high compressive strength;
  • excellent flow properties;
  • Reliable curing;
  • One material for building up and cementing.



Instructions for use



5 Posts @ 1,25 mm

1 Drill @ 1,25 mm

LuxaBond-Total Etch

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Pre-Bond

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Bond A

1 Bottle @ 5 ml Bond B

Etching Gel

1 Syringe @ 2 ml Etching Gel-Medium Viscosity

25 Endobrushes Red

25 Endobrushes Black

3 Luer-Lock-Tips

1 Mixing pallet

LuxaCore Z-Dual

1 Syringe @ 9 g Paste Shade A3

10 Smartmix-Tips

10 Endo-Tips

Genuine dentine feeling for precise preparation

LuxaCore Z DMG’s premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation provides dentine-like cuttability, which ensures controlled substance removal and a precise preparation margin. LuxaCore Z gives you optimal guidance control of the bur. At the transitions between dentine and LuxaCore Z you will not notice any difference. This tactile stability permits groove-free preparations without any undercuts, presenting ideal conditions for the dental technician to perform precise work.

The result: excellent fit, a long-lasting restoration and the best possible care for your patient.

The right partners allow quality care to be provided perfectly: The LuxaPost composite post and the LuxaBond-Total Etch adhesive system give the dentist the best possible assistance.

Superior values.

LuxaCore Z-Dual is closer to natural dentine than the competition in terms of cutability.

Moreover, the proportion of zirconia gives excellent compressive strength.

This ensures top-quality, natural restorations – and this has been confirmed in figures as well, as shown in the graphs on the right.

Excellent flow properties.

The material‘s outstanding flow properties guarantee optimum adaptation to the shape of cavity walls and posts.

Fewer materials

means a more reliable solution.

Monoblock = Stability.

More haste less speed. Just a single material for core build-up and post cementation – that simplifies the work and creates reliable restorations.

LuxaCore Z can be used with any pre-silanized post. DMG‘s LuxaPost is recommended as the perfect partner.

This glass fiber reinforced composite post has a similar flexural modulus to LuxaCore Z and natural dentine.

Using just a small number of matched materials gives a very stable monoblock. Stresses can be avoided in the sensitive system comprising tooth, post, cement, and core build-up material.

When used as a post cement, the thin film thickness of just 20 μm is beneficial (the limit for precision cement according to ISO 4049 is 25 μm).

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