How can you achieve good aesthetic results in treating white spots on smooth surfaces without complex invasive procedures? What is the answer? It is necessary to use Icon and a gentle infiltration treatment. In a new video, dentist Dr. Erik-Jan Muts from the Netherlands describes step by step the application of this method in a clinical scenario. From pre-etching and

Implantation in Georgia has become a very popular destination. The reasons for this are quite significant: the professionalism of dentists, high-quality materials and equipment, and at the same time, rather low prices in comparison with developed countries.

Implantation is a painless, but rather expensive process, so it is very important to choose a high-quality implant that integrates perfectly into your bone and lasts for many years. Now in dental clinics in Georgia they can offer you both branded implants and implants that seem to represent well-known brands, in fact not being the products of these companies. By