LuxaCore Z-Dual – Composite for core build-up and root post cementation


  • Cuts like dentine
  • Extremely high compressive strength
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Reliable curing
  • One material for building up and cementing


  • 1 syringe Smartmix 9 g
  • Color A3


Instructions for use



LuxaCore Z DMG’s premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation provides dentine-like cuttability, which ensures controlled substance removal and a precise preparation margin. LuxaCore Z gives you optimal guidance control of the bur. At the transitions between dentine and LuxaCore Z you will not notice any difference. This tactile stability permits groove-free preparations without any undercuts, presenting ideal conditions for the dental technician to perform precise work.

The result: excellent fit, a long-lasting restoration and the best possible care for your patient.

The right partners allow quality care to be provided perfectly: The LuxaPost composite post and the LuxaBond-Total Etch adhesive system give the dentist the best possible assistance.

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