LuxaPost – fiberglass, silanized posts


  • Perfect partner for LuxaCore: Monoblock
  • Dentine-like flexural modulus: reduced risk of root fracture
  • Radiopaque
  • Pre-silanized
  • Gentle on the tooth substance thanks to tapered form
  • Highly esthetic




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Glass fiber reinforced composite post with a similar flexural modulus to dentine

True-to-life properties

As with LuxaCore Z, the properties of the material in LuxaPost are also based on the model of a natural tooth.

LuxaPost‘s low flexural modulus (a measure of the elasticity or stiffness) corresponds closely to that of natural dentine.
This minimizes peak stresses in the post-cement-root system and lowers the risk of root fractures.

The high degree of transparency prevents the post from shining through the tooth. It is therefore no barrier to esthetic restorations.

Pre-silanized and radiopaque

To meet the needs of your practice in full, the new generation of LuxaPost is radiopaque and already pre-silanized.
This simplifies the handling and reduces the treatment cost. Additional silane is no longer needed.

For all dentists who don’t want to do without the extra silanization step, DMG still offers the DMG silane system as a reliable two-bottle system.

Release form:

Quantity – 5 pcs.

Diameter – ø 1.25 mm,

Marking – black

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