LuxaCrown – Composite for the manufacture of long-term temporary crowns


The simplest production of long-term crowns.

  • Long life semi-permanent design
  • Speed and simplicity of the procedure
  • Excellent result
  • Optimal mechanical properties
  • Saving time and money


  • Colors: A1; A2
  • 1 cartridge 76 g
  • 15 Automix-Tips


Instructions for use

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Long-term restorations have never been so easy.

The unique material LuxaCrown allows you to create long-term crowns directly in the presence of the patient simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

This is a quality, reliable solution that you can offer your patients as an alternative to laboratory-made crowns. The easy-to-make LuxaCrown is highly accurate, low cost, extremely wear resistant and has a lifespan of up to five years.

Open up new possibilities for you and your patients.

Wide application possibilities.

LuxaCrown can be used to fabricate both crowns and bridges, providing long-term protection to the remaining healthy tissues, restoring anatomical shape, chewing function, and aesthetic parameters.
The high strength of LuxaCrown allows for long-term monitoring of treatment results before moving on from the healing phase to complex restoration work.

The LuxaCrown shade system provides a wide range of aesthetic possibilities.

Eight shades are available for selection, which are characterized by natural fluorescence and high color stability.

Practical and efficient solution.
The proven Automix system allows you to quickly and efficiently complete work with optimal material consumption.
The volume of the Automix cartridge allows you to create up to 36 single crowns or up to 24 3-unit bridges.

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