Generator handpiece


  • High speed handpiece:3 way spray 3 air
  • Chuck type:push button
  • Bulb:LED light
  • Noise:≤70dB
  • Air pressure at the back end of HP:0.25-0.27MPA(4hole)0.20-0.22MPA(2hole)
  • Bur applicable:Ø1.59-Ø1.6mmx21-23mmRotation speed:≥300,000rpm


German dynamicbalance

Autoclaving handpieces,each movement is balanced by a German dynamic balancing machine. the bearing capacity of the shaft is even and stable, the noise is lower, and the service life is longer

Integrated CNC molding

CNC integrated processing and forming of machine head, the high concentricity is more consistent and not easy to deform, higher accuracy

3 way spray,3 air Anti reflux suctin

High efficiency cooling and atomization, unique anti return Suction system and dust-proof structure design, effective prevention prevent foreign matters from entering the machine head

High brightness lighting system

Advanced wind power lighting system design makes the brightness more high, temperature sterilization for more than 300 times, continuous no damage after 500 hours of lighting

Integrated CNC molding

Dental High Speed Turbine Handpiece,CNC integrated processing and forming of machine head, the high concentricity is more consistent and not easy to deform, higher accuracy

German dynamic balance

Every movement passes through the German dynamic balancing machine balanced, accurate to every lobule the equilibrium of is less than 3 mg / 10000, thus, the bearing force of the shaft is even and the operation is stable low noise and long service life

3 way spray,3 air

The purpose of the three-point water spray is to make the cooling water turn into a needle, wrap the needle evenly around the axis so that it is high Efficient uniform cooling

Unique anti return suction system

Unique three-point air-jet station design enables, Form a layer of protection between cooling water and machine head, Air pressure, which can prevent the needle from rotating at high speed , It causes blood debris and dirt to enter during rotation inside

Unique anti suction and dust-proof structure

Handpieces hygiene dental,it makes it more difficult for the dust generated in the grinding process to enter the bearing And greatly improve the service life of mobile phone bearings

High brightness lighting system

LED lamp has higher brightness and repeated high temperature sterilization 300 times without damage; 500 hours continuous lighting no damage above

Built in generator optimizes structure and selects more durable, more than 300 materials used for repeated high temperature sterilization no damage

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