Products that injure the teeth – advice of dentists Georgia on the entry of teeth

August 6, 2020

Tooth decay is due to certain factors of health, and also an important type of tooth type, which requires special care.

According to the research of Garvardsk University, the annual support of healthy teeth at the age of 65 years is a regularity, as soon as the surrounding environment, the value of the disease affects the quality of the product and after the product.

What hurts your teeth?
Citrus, carbonated drinks and sweets hurt a small amount. People, who cut teeth in adolescence, have problems with posture in middle age, so if you feel discomfort on the right side, you should definitely visit a dentist.

How to protect healthy teeth and right teeth in middle age, and then Allnews.ge reported this problem to Ite Kirvalidze, a dentist at Medi clinics. After that I say, a professional clean tooth should lead to a happy ending. During this period of time it is very important to see caries, get rid of the calculus and run into the teeth.

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“The right choice of toothbrushes and toothpaste should be made by a dentist, so that when a patient needs individual means of hygienic means.”

Toothpaste must be cleaned in the morning and evening.

“After receiving a drink, it is recommended to use toothpaste, and not to scratch, which is a small injury”, – explains the dentist.

Ita Kirvalidze focuses on one and explains that, as a rule, no product is stopped, even if the patient has no problem with the right.

“It is not recommended that there is too much sweetness, so it is also an unfortunate thing that it is sour and hard, especially if the patient has problems with the right side. “There is no sweet pered sand, especially if I do not clean my teeth,” he said.

According to a dentist, even if I want to whiten my teeth, I owe it to them that they are only two years apart, professionally, and not at home.

“The whitening system has its own percentage, therefore

The whitening of the teeth can not be done arbitrarily, with news, signed with various sites.

“A doctor’s obligated to determine the quality of life, as a percentage of the debtor’s way of removing the patient’s teeth,” explains Ita Kirvalidze, adding that in the case of bloodshed, the right hand should be examined, and then a dentist should be appointed. Injure.

According to the Guardian Science, the functioning of our organism with age often affects the teeth. For example, there are significant links between gingivitis and diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems.

At the beginning of the visit to the dentist for the observation and especially the hygienic approach for the teeth is very important.

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